CONSULTATIONS: Initial consultations are free. They take about 30 minutes. We will go over what needs to be done while you are gone. You will be charged the price of one visit for us to come back for a 2nd consult. If you want to make sure that you have told us everything and want to go over it, an email or message in Time to Pet is the best way to do this.

KEYS: We hold onto your key for future visits. Keys that are not being used are stored in a locked key box. Keys are never labelled with your last name or address.

Office Hours: Call or text between 8am-7pm.

VISITING HOURS: We generally perform visits between 8am – 4pm. We are unable to guarantee exact times for visits. They are based on the pet sitter’s route.

Once a day cat visits are done at our convenience, unless otherwise agreed upon.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please contact us 24 hours before the first visit. If you arrive home early or depart late, please text our cell phone or send message in Time to Pet to save us an unnecessary trip and to avoid being charged.

For midday walks, please contact us by 10am. You will be charged the full visit price if you wait to cancel until we arrive at your house.


NEW CLIENTS- We ask that new clients give at least 10 days notice so we can schedule an initial consultation.
VACATIONS- Please book at least 1 week before you leave
WEEKENDS- Please book by Wednesday.
MIDDAY WALKS and INDIVIDUAL VISITS- Please give at least 24 hours notice

SNOW REMOVAL- If we will be caring for your pets during the winter, please arrange to have your driveway plowed and steps cleared. If you normally enter through the garage, please be mindful of the way we enter your home and ensure that it is safe for us to do so.

Pet Care

VACCINATIONS: Pets must be up to date on all vaccinations as recommended by your veterinarian.

CARING FOR CATS EVERY OTHER DAY:We require daily visits for cats. Most pet sitters and vets agree that cats should be seen at least every 24 hours. We have had cats locked in rooms on multiple occasions, without access to food, water or a litter box. An otherwise healthy cat can develop a urinary blockage and die within 48 hours. We have even had a cat turn on the faucet in the bathtub!

ADMINISTERING OF MEDICATION:We are experienced at giving pills and liquid medication. We do not give injections due to the higher risk involved. If your cat has a tendency to hide or becomes aggressive, it may not be possible to medicate him/her. Cat bites are extremely dangerous! We will not risk our health to medicate an uncooperative cat. If you think your cat may hide, please keep him/her in a room where we will be able to get to him/her.

SICK PETS:We do not knowingly accept sitting assignments with sick pets. We firmly believe that sick pets belong under the constant care of a veterinarian. However, if you have aged, infirm, or medicated pets, this is not a problem if you discuss with us the special needs of the pet. If your pet shows signs of illness, we will attempt to reach you and take the pet to your veterinarian. If your vet is not available, or if it is after hours, we will take your pet to the Animal Emergency Center in W. Bridgwater or Tufts in Walpole.

CONTAGIOUS CONDITIONS: Pets must be free of all potentially contagious conditions and free from internal and external parasites. We can not risk passing anything on to other clients or our own pets. Any pet that goes outdoors must be on flea/ tick preventatives.

DOG BEHAVIOR: We try to enforce good canine behavior such as not jumping or pulling on leash. We are not professional trainers. The client is responsible for ensuring we can safely care for the pet. We will not take undo risks with dogs that bite, or pull or yank on the leash.